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10x on-the-job performance and strengthen fundamentals
with the first SuccessOS™ for Teams

Why Surprise?

Surprise is the only work app with Ai powerful enough to automate and gamify
performance improvement, while inspiring discretionary effort within today’s
highly-stimulated, high-expectation workforce.

Get better insights with
Ai-powered Reflections

Identify performance roadblocks in real-time with fully automated daily feedback games and quizzes.

The dynamic, Ai-generated questions get more intelligent each day based on self and peer feedback, work patterns, and integrated system metrics.

Do better work with
Ai-powered Missions

Missions aren’t about measuring work, they actually cause better work to happen. Each day, users are assigned
purpose-driven, role-specific Missions to strengthen the work fundamentals required for lasting team and indivudal success.

Benchmark better with
Ai-powered Success Index

Daily Reflections, Missions, and work patterns are analyzed and synthesized in real-time to calculate truly precise, dynamic hard and soft skill benchmark across multiple performance areas.

Meet AliceAi

Brand new, totally unique
daily work experience

There’s nothing like the daily excitement and thrill of Surprise to transform your team into top performers by eliminating apathy and increasing discretionary effort.

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